History and Mission

Rev. Tim Hogan, Sr. Paula Kleine-Kracht, and Rev. William Fichteman

Founded in August 2003 by Fr. Tim Hogan, former pastor of St. Boniface parish in Louisville, Kentucky and by Fr. William Fichteman, former pastor of the Cathedral of the Assumption, and administered by Sr. Paula Kleine-Kracht OSU, Nativity Academy at St. Boniface was established as an independent private middle school in the Catholic tradition to educate urban youth.

Nativity Academy transforms the lives of students who have a commitment to achievement and whose families demonstrate financial need.

Nativity Academy seeks to impart to its students the highest spiritual ideals, moral values, knowledge, learning skills, discipline, character formation and personal care.

Because the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and the Xaverian Brothers sponsor it, Nativity Academy teaches formal religion classes within the faith-based tradition. All students participate in ecumenical and Catholic prayer services, but are not required to be, or become Catholic.

The staff is a mix of full-time teachers and 200 plus committed volunteers. They provide unwavering motivation and support, and encourage each student to realize his or her full human potential as a productive member of society, and as a leader and role model in family and community. Each student receives the opportunity for a private middle school education that will enable him or her to pursue an excellent secondary education leading to college, technical school, and a professional career.

Nativity Academy is a proud member of the NativityMiguel Coalition, which provides its member schools a proven approach of faith-based, private education. This Coalition is critical to our Academy by offering a viable and successful alternative model for traditional parochial schools in urban settings.

Since our inception, 82% of Nativity Academy graduates have enrolled in college or post-secondary education, and 97% of our students graduate from high school, maintaining the high standards of our fellow Coalition institutions and exceeding the national average. Our current Nativity Academy graduates are on their way to achieve or exceed this level of success.